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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our current puzzles are 150 pieces and 4" x 6" when complete.

The QR code is the black and red dots symbol with a red puzzle piece in the center, bottom right on the tube label.

View the code through your Android, or Apple smart phone, or tablet camera, wait a moment, and you'll see a prompt to open a link.

Tap the link to view the posters for all of our puzzles. You can then zoom in, scroll on the image for a detailed view of the puzzle you're working on.

No more need to pass the ONE poster around!

We decided to produce our puzzles using the thickest board possible for easier grip and a more satisfying snap when fitted together.

Each piece is approximately 1cm square or slightly smaller than a US dime coin.

It depends on if you're solo or with friends or family but the puzzles typically take from 45 minutes to an hour or so to complete.

Picture frames are not included in the purchase price but we do encourage you to frame your artwork!

Any standard 4" x 6" frame will work.

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If you are an AR artist head over to Artivive and get signed up for free.

If you have existing AR art using Artivive or would like to create new puzzle artwork, then please check out our Artists page or reach out.

Augmented Reality

🧩 👀 👍 Viewing the included POSTER instead of the puzzle should always work.

Open the Artivive app and point your device’s camera to the puzzle, and watch as it comes to life!

All you need is a smartphone or a tablet. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The app needs to recognize the puzzle picture in order to connect it to the associated AR experience.

There are a number of factors that can cause issues, from light conditions to viewing angle, to the lines the puzzle pieces leave in the image the AR is trying to recognize.

Please make sure the entire puzzle is visible on your screen. Try and keep your hand steady. If the surrounding light is poor, switch on a light or use your phone to light it up, by clicking the lightbulb icon on the screen, which will activate your device’s flashlight.

If you're still having problems, try these resolutions:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Artivive app
  • Try and avoid overhead lights, or glare as this can cause problems
  • Move the viewing device closer then further away, at an angle to see if that helps
  • If problems persist, view the included puzzle poster which should always work


We try and ship every order within 48 hours of order placement, except weekends.

For US orders it should take 3-4 days from issuing the tracking number.

First of all, don't worry, we got you covered!

Our robust tube packaging was chosen specifically to be tough and portable but we also understand that sometimes accidents happen in transit.

If you received a damaged product, please send an email to help@puzzletubes.com and include the order number and a photo of the damaged puzzle, and packaging if you still have that.

We will send you a FREE replacement ASAP.

We are unable to send free replacements for packages that are stolen, or lost in transit.

Please check the delivery address given is correct and try reaching out to the delivery company and file a claim.

Delivery notices are sometimes sent when the package is still in transit. Please wait a few business days for the package to show up.

As well as supporting artists and the environment, our focus, of course, is your happiness. If you have questions, please email help@puzzletubes.com and include your order number and an explanation


We are very interested in partnering opportunities.

Our top-quality, highly visual, unique puzzles are compact and have high margins for great value for the required display area. A perfect item for check out lines or for point of purchase.

There is nothing like this on the market and the compact size means customers can bring these puzzles everywhere they go!

From bulk orders to carry in your retail locations to custom puzzles for your audience, please contact us.