Christmas Town

Magical Advent Calendar

Augmented Reality Advent Calendar

While a fun and entertaining puzzle all year round, this puzzle contains a bonus advent calendar full of magical secrets.

Locked safely behind each numbered door is a prize that can only be revealed on the actual day so nooo peeking before the actual day! You don't want to end up on the naughty list do you?

Even more mind-blowing is that next year the secrets will be new even though you have the same puzzle 🤯

🎉 Bonus Surprises 🎉

We've added not one, but two bonus surprises. The first is a door for December 31, New Years Eve, and the second is a hidden secret Santa that will work the whole year long, like he does!

Complete the puzzle then follow the instructions to load the AR application before scanning the puzzle to see Santa spring to life!

All Year Long
Wind-Up Santa

Smartphone | Tablet
Tap the 'View AR Santa' button.

Scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

Use your device camera to scan the puzzle until you find the wind-up Santa. That's when the magic happens!

AR Viewing Problems?
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Advent Doors

Scan the code below for the door you'd like to view. Follow the friendly guide to watch the door open to reveal its AR gift in 3D movement and sound!