Jigsaw puzzles that come alive in 3D video and sound. You will not believe it!

Jigsaw Puzzles that Come Alive!

🤯 Augmented-Reality Jigsaw Puzzles that will Blow Your Mind! 🤯

Get ready for a puzzle experience that's out of this world! Complete the puzzles, view them in 3D with the free augmented-reality app, and frame them to enhance your home or office. These affordable art pieces come in fun test tubes for on-the-go puzzling. Relax, destress, and enjoy!

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Jigsaw Puzzles Reinvented

Jigsaw puzzles have exploded in popularity due to the pandemic. At Puzzle Tubes we've created something magical by combining the classic jigsaw puzzle with a hidden, mind-blowing augmented-reality experience.

Affordable art puzzles ideal for framing to show friends and family.

"Tomorrow" Jigsaw Puzzle, 150 Pieces

Tomorrow is the cover of Michaela Konrad's artistic series Can This Be Tomorrow?, which features a series of fictional covers in the style of American Golden Age comics. The artist's intention was to make actual contemporary circumstances and events look like exaggerated science fiction fantasies from the past.

"Displace" Jigsaw Puzzle, 150 Pieces

This image is inspired by the relationship between people and place. It interrogates how we create a sense of place in urban environments with their multiple overlapping stories, histories and memories, and how these influence human interaction

"Drones" Jigsaw Puzzle, 150 Pieces

Drones illuminates the important topic of the extinction of species. Do we want to wait until the bees are extinct and try to replace them with technology in the future? Or would we rather use technology today to develop sustainable agriculture without pesticides?

"Inner Space" Jigsaw Puzzle, 150 Pieces

Part of a series of illustrations aimed at transforming abandoned sites in the city centre, this print re-imagines a derelict Police station in Limerick city, Ireland.

Puzzles: Did you know?!

Reduces Stress
Forget yoga or meditation, jigsaw puzzles are the ultimate stress reliever. Just watch the pieces start to fit together and feel your worries melt away.

Reducing Anxiety and Depression
Engaging in puzzles can promote relaxation and help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. The focus and concentration required for puzzles can also provide a sense of control and accomplishment, which can improve overall mood.

Screen Overload
Sick of staring at your phone all day? Put it down and pick up a puzzle instead. It's a great way to unplug and give your eyes a break.

Enhance your mental health or be the coolest gift-giver ever!

Augmented-reality jigsaw puzzles are a cool and innovative way to take your puzzle game to the next level.

By using a smartphone app or tablet, you can bring your puzzle to life with 3D animations and sound effects.

This adds an exciting and interactive element to the puzzle-solving experience, making it a great activity for individuals or groups.

Augmented-reality jigsaw puzzles offer a range of benefits, including improved spatial reasoning, enhanced cognitive function, and the opportunity to learn about new subjects through interactive animations. These unique puzzles also make for a great gift option that is sure to impress and provide hours of entertainment.