AR Partner Brief

Deep Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun, engaging underwater jigsaw puzzle with an impressive, immersive AR experience built in.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with me in creating innovative AR jigsaw puzzles.

Until now, my puzzles have been presented in flat, 2D formats. Now, I'm eager to elevate them into immersive, animated 3D experiences, provided it's feasible within my tight budget as this is currently a side project.

My current AR collaborator lacks 3D experience, prompting my search for a fresh collaborator. My hope is to create a lasting partnership crafting many puzzles and AR experiences.

Phase 1

For the first phase, I want to start by designing and animating a few objects from the puzzle to assess your creative skills as well as how well the AR system renders, mobile performance etc. Once I have found a partner I'm happy with we can proceed in animating more of the overall image as well as connect for future projects.

3D Animation

Create 3D models in a tool like Blender or Unity3D, of an animated undersea experience.

For phase 1, we want:

  • The octopus to float up, tentacles moving, one eye winks
  • A school of fish to move as a group over the surface of the image
  • The whale to get larger and swim up towards the viewer, water spurting
  • Coral and sea weed waving gently back and forth

All animation should, ideally end where they started so they can loop with appropriate ocean sounds.

The trigger image will be the overall puzzle illustration with a sequence of elements all moving as one experience.

Puzzle Image [Current]

This is a close-to-final render of the puzzle image and will be the trigger for the AR experience.

We're still making small enhancements to the image but it will be close to this version.

I have the illustration elements for animation as .AI files so that's all ready to go.

My new partner?

I've had a number of interested 3D artists, all with great portfolios, some with AR experience. I want to pick the right partner and end up with a great experience, and not waste money.

Help me pick YOU as my new partner by completing the form below and tell me in detail how you would approach the project, what you need from me, what the deliverable would look like, and why you are the person I should pick!

3D Artist Submission

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