Augmented Reality Puzzles

Watch your puzzle come alive with an incredible augmented-reality experience! Find your puzzle below and follow the instructions to watch the magic.

Note: These guides are for puzzles owners that have completed the puzzle and are ready to view the secret AR experience. It will not work if you haven't purchased and completed one of our jigsaw puzzles.

Christmas Town

Our groundbreaking new family holiday tradition. Not only a fun jigsaw puzzle but also a unique advent calendar with a magical AR experience behind each door!

Gradient Bubbles

After you’ve pieced together the Gradient Bubbles puzzle, immerse yourself in a captivating augmented reality experience.

Monster's Ball

A full-on Halloween party packed into a box. With ghosts, witches, vampires, and an assortment of creepy crawlies, this masterpiece is a "boo-tiful" feat for the eyes and claws!

Test Tube Puzzles

Our highly portable take-em-anywhere puzzles in robust test tube containers.